Amplicare Boost

Your patients’ health and wellness are the measure of your clinical advisory role. By choosing the Boost Solution, you have reliable help at your side.

The Boost Solution includes:

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    Amplicare Restore

    Offer your patients OTC supplements recommended based on their specific drug needs.

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    Amplicare Impact

    Make sure your patients refill when they need. With the Gap Therapy opportunities in Amplicare you can easily prompt them to make an addition to their treatment to make sure they feel better, improving adherence.

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    Amplicare Connect

    Set up custom automated phone call campaigns to remind patients of refills and encourage them to stop by your pharmacy for a consult about their drug-induced nutrient depletion symptoms.

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    Amplicare Assist

    Attend to your patients’ healthcare opportunities without logging in, opening other dashboards, or even looking them up. When you begin focusing on them, the pop-up appears. Just click on it. Self-serve onboarding with many online videos.

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    Self-serve onboarding with many online videos.


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