Amplicare Restore

Diversify your pharmacy revenue, and help your patients avoid prescription-induced nutrient depletion. Reduce DIR fees by addressing low adherence before it happens.

Amplicare Restore identifies the patients most likely to experience a nutrient deficiency based on their prescription regimen — a common cause of low adherence. Easily access the information you need to help patients feel better and stay on schedule with their medications, all while increasing OTC sales.

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These are the reports that you will
get with Amplicare Restore

CBD Report

Identify situations when an Ananda Professional product may be appropriate for patients.
Demonstrate your expertise and care by helping your patients understand the potential benefits of pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoids.
Receive notifications directly in workflow to easily take advantage of opportunities to engage patients about CBD.

Nutrient Depletion

Many common medications deplete the body of key nutrients. This is why many patients feel lethargic, stiff, or sore after a change in their prescription regimen.

Adding an OTC supplement can mitigate side effects and increase the likelihood that they will fill their prescription on a regular basis.

Demonstrate your expertise and care by helping your patients choose the right supplements to get them back to feeling like themselves.


The CDC recommends everyone ages six months and over receive their annual flu shot, with a few rare exceptions. Most insurance plans cover the vaccine with little or no copay. Help your patients stay healthy this flu season.

The Amplicare Vaccinations report identifies patients that haven’t received their flu shot, so you can easily reach out to encourage a vaccination.

Arm your patients with everything they need to beat the flu.

Naloxone Intervention

Even when taken as directed, opioids carry a high risk of addiction. When it comes to your patients, it’s best to err on the side of caution.

The naloxone report identifies patients that recently filled two or more C2 opioids, each with over nine days’ supply. Statistically, many of these same patients are taking other central nervous system depressants (i.e., benzodiazepines) and are at an increased risk of overdose.

It’s highly recommended that patients taking such medications have naloxone in their possession. From the report, you can print a handout to inform your patients about naloxone, emphasising that it is available without a patient-specific prescription.

OTC Birthday Promo

The Amplicare OTC Birthday Promo report identifies all patients whose birthday falls on the current day, three days prior, or three days after the report is run.

You can print a handout with a personalized note wishing these patients a happy birthday, along with an OTC supplement coupon to drive foot traffic to your store and increase revenue.

Such a simple gesture is a feel-good gift from you, and a wonderful way to show your patients you care.

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