Amplicare Restore

Be a proactive, caring advisor and keep your patients healthy. Many common medications deplete key nutrients in patients, causing discomfort and affecting adherence.

Recognize patients who could benefit from taking over-the-counter supplements. Help counteract your patients’ negative side effects at the point of sale.

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Key Benefits

  • Add value and educate your patients so they understand why they feel the way they do

    Many common medications deplete key nutrients. This is why patients often start feeling lethargic, stiff or sore after a change in their prescription regimen. Adding an OTC supplement can mitigate side effects and increase the likelihood that they will fill their prescription on a regular basis. Demonstrate your expertise and care by arming them with knowledge.

    Together with Amplicare Impact and Amplicare Connect, Amplicare Restore is part of the Boost Solution that focuses on getting your patients in the pharmacy, making them feel better, while streamlining your workflow and increasing your bottom line.

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    Amplicare Restore
  • Increase your pharmacy’s ROI

    Nutrient supplements are one of the most profitable categories and one of the least difficult to recommend. Amplicare’s report creates custom letters for your patients based on their prescription history. This brings you one step closer to improving your patients’ health while increasing your OTC sales.

    For the greatest impact on your patients’ health and wellness, you can use Amplicare Impact alongside any of the other Amplicare tools: Amplicare Connect, Amplicare Impact, Amplicare Restore and Amplicare Match (formerly iMedicare).

    We’ve increased sales by $2,100 in 30 days by adding Amplicare Restore to our subscription
    Dr. Hajek U-Save-IT Pharmacy
  • Spend your time on patients,
    not on dashboards

    With Amplicare Assist, you get Amplicare Restore real-time notifications in your daily workflow. This proactively pushes opportunities your way rather than you needing to remember to go to the dashboard to look for and retrieve opportunities.

    Amplicare Restore
Amplicare Restore with Amplicare Assist

Amplicare Assist

You can take even more advantage of Amplicare Restore if your pharmacy system is Rx30, ComputerRx, QS/1 or PioneerRx, with Amplicare Assist. This add-on brings all opportunities directly into your daily workflow. No more dashboards, no more extra logins!

Amplicare Restore with Amplicare Assist

Support to gain more business

In addition to the application, you will gain access to tips and tricks on how to make the most out of the platform. By using Amplicare Solutions you decide the area that needs more of your attention and focus on that.

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