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Amplicare Match

Amplicare Match is the fastest plan comparison tool for your Medicare and Medicaid patients.

Improve patient retention, increase reimbursement revenue, and drive profits by lowering DIR fees.

This is what you will get with Amplicare Match

Plan Comparison

The Amplicare integration with your pharmacy system allows for patient data, pharmacy data, and plan information to be pulled, analyzed, and delivered as plan comparisons to your patients in seconds.

These are the reports that you will
get with Amplicare Match

Newly Eligible

People become Medicare eligible every day. Match lets you be the first to know, making it easier to get patients into your pharmacy for a plan comparison, greatly increasing the likelihood that patient becomes a lifelong customer.

In fact, patients are 30% more likely to stay with a pharmacy that performs a plan comparison for them.

Dual Eligible

“Dual eligible beneficiaries” is the term used to describe individuals who are enrolled in both Medicare and Medicaid, or receive extra help through Social Security.

Use the Dual Eligible report to let these patients know they can switch Medicare Part D plans every quarter. Overage changes, or changes in a patient’s medication list, may cause a shift in which plan is best for their health and their budget several times each year.

This report is especially powerful in 2019 with the introduction of the Extended Open Enrollment Period.

Reach out to an Amplicare representative to learn more about the Extended Open Enrollment Period.

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Open Enrollment

The Open Enrollment report shows you the plan comparisons you’ve performed in the past Open Enrollment period so that you can better track the performance of your retained patients.

During Open Enrollment, this report is a gold mine!

Formulary Lookup

The Formulary Lookup tool lets you quickly compare a medication across plan formularies.

The Formulary Lookup tool is especially handy when:

  • A patient, or their doctor, calls and asks, “Which plan covers this drug?”
  • A patient calls to ask how much a medication will cost at your pharmacy with their plan.
  • Educating yourself and your staff on plan restrictions for different medications.
  • A patient mentions that they’re paying too much for a medication. You can help them find a different plan all together, or use the Find Drug Alternative button to find less expensive treatment options.

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Amplicare Platform Features

Manage DIR Fees

All plans show their DIR Fee estimates.

Care for your patients’ wallets

Recommend more affordable drug alternatives to your patients.

Consult your patients

Support your patients in finding the best plan options for them.

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