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Amplicare Match
(formerly iMedicare)

Compare Medicare plans in seconds, improve patient retention, drive new business, and save hours comparing plans with Amplicare Match.

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Key Benefits

  • Amplicare Match Flow
  • Spend time on your patients,
    not on dashboards

    Amplicare Match is the fastest plan comparison tool on the market.

    The integration with your pharmacy system enables you to compare Medicare plans in seconds. With Amplicare Assist*, real-time notifications help you prioritize opportunities with patients that make the greatest impact.

    Amplicare Match reduces frustration, recoups time and empowers you to focus on clinical advisory that demonstrates your value to patients.

  • Worry less about patients leaving
    for mail order

    Amplicare is continuously working to stay ahead of the curve, so that you get the most accurate and valuable insights about your patients’ plans and health.

    Patients are 30% more likely to stay with a pharmacy that performs a plan comparison for them. That extra insight and service solidifies your standing against the competition.

    Amplicare Match Flow
  • Increase your pharmacy’s ROI

    With Amplicare Match you'll see which plans pay you more for various medications and how much each plan charges in DIR fees!

    Amplicare Match lists all of your pharmacy’s in-network plans and identifies your competitors’ preferred networks. You’ll even know which plans send letters to patients encouraging them to leave your pharmacy for a mail order plan.

    This tool tells you when a patient is eligible to enroll in Part D, identifies which plans are good for both the patient and pharmacy, and speeds up the enrollment process. Patients and pharmacies get the most out of Medicare Part D while saving time.

    Use Amplicare Connect to reach out to your patients, advise them on Open Enrollment, Initial Enrollment, plan changing opportunities (the Dual Eligibles will appreciate it), and more. Let them know that when it comes to patient care, you are their best resource and ensure your patients come back again and again.

    When Amplicare Match is used together with Amplicare Impact and Amplicare Connect, you can mind your performance measures, DIR fees, and health outcomes for both Medicare and non-Medicare patients year-round.

    Learn more about the Strengthen Solution.

    The return on investment we get from iMedicare [Amplicare Match] is over 10 to 20 times what we spend on it every year.
    Brian Freeman Cannon Pharmacy (6 stores), Kannapolis, NC
  • See therapeutic alternatives

    Amplicare Match shows possible drug alternatives on every formulary. With each alternative, it provides the drugs tier and the estimated copay for that particular medication.

    With this data, you can give the doctor options that are cost-effective for the patient without ever calling the insurance company. You can even see if a drug will put patients in the donut hole sooner!

    For the greatest impact on your patients’ health and wellness, select the Advance Solution which includes Amplicare Connect, Amplicare Impact, Amplicare Restore and Amplicare Match.

    Amplicare Match Flow
Amplicare Match with Amplicare Assist

Amplicare Assist

Take greater advantage of Amplicare Match if your pharmacy system is Rx30, ComputerRx, QS/1 or PioneerRx, with Amplicare Assist. This add-on brings all opportunities directly into your daily workflow. No more dashboards, no more extra logins!

Amplicare Match with Amplicare Assist

Support to gain more business

In addition to the application, you will gain access to tips and tricks on how to make the most out of the platform. By using Amplicare Solutions you decide the area that needs more of your attention and focus on that.

Join over 5,000 pharmacies that are passionate about improving patient care.
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We started using the iMedicare [Amplicare Match] program at one of our other locations and it is absolutely amazing! Our customers think that we are the best for helping them to make an informed decision about their health care plan for the coming year.
Michelle Williams, Owner The Pillbox Pharmacy, Alexandria, LA
Patients love it. Last year we saved patients $250,000 to $300,000 by helping them compare Medicare Part D plans with iMedicare [Amplicare Match].
Steve Adkins Healthpark Pharmacy, NC
It's a very good product. We like it for two reasons: (1) It is much easier for customers than the government website. (2) iMedicare [Amplicare Match] is making insurance companies more competitive because when they know you can compare them with their competitors in less than 5 minutes, showing the doughnut hole and everything, it will force insurance companies to be more competitive.
Amina Abubakar, Owner RxClinic Pharmacy, Charlotte, NC MA
We saved a lady $4,500 after she signed up with another Med D Plan from an insurance specialist. The agent used a wrong drug which inflated her cost by $4,500. Using iMedicare [Amplicare Match], we quickly imported her correct drugs and found a better plan which saved her a lot of headaches and $4,500!
Brian Caswell, Owner Wolkar Drug, Baxter Springs, KS
…Another part of our plan was to join iMedicare [Amplicare Match]. This was a sweet move on our part. The information provided related to benchmark plans, whether patient has subsidy and details if LIS, ease of seeing formulary alternatives, details on current plan, marketing tools, letter templates, and the list is growing daily. This has been very, very beneficial. The ease of navigation and support from iMedicare [Amplicare Match] have contributed mightily to our success to this point.
Al Roberts, Owner The Remington Drug Company
Been with iMedicare [Amplicare Match] for 3 years. We absolutely love it and the patients do as well. Look forward to all the new features.
Maria Contreras Coats Pharmacy
The people who created iMedicare [Amplicare Match] are amazing. Saves us so much time and so much stress. One of the best things we have come across. We give you an A+!
Deb Eagle Grove Pharmacy

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