Amplicare Impact

Amplicare Impact detects gap-therapy and medication adherence intervention opportunities, enabling pharmacies to identify the patients that most need proactive assistance.

Keep your performance measures high and your DIR fees low with action-oriented opportunities to improve patient adherence and your bottom line.

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Why you should keep an eye on DIRs

DIR fees are compensation PBMs and Medicare Part D plans collect to offset member costs. They can have quite an impact on the profitability of independent pharmacies and on patients as a result.

They are typically applied post point-of-sale, making it difficult for pharmacies to know if, when, or how much a DIR fee on a prescription may be.

This lack of clarity limits pharmacists’ ability to introduce new patient care services.

Amplicare Impact helps pharmacists proactively care for patients while reducing DIR fees. By identifying opportunities for patient interventions, Impact makes it easier to stay on top of a patient’s adherence and improve loyalty and overall health.

These are the reports that you will
get with Amplicare Impact

Low Adherence

Taking medication as prescribed is important for managing health conditions and general wellbeing. Plus, with financial incentives for providers, improving adherence is also good for pharmacists.

Filter your patients based on different characteristics to make sure you first address those who need you most.

Gap Therapy Statin

The Gap Therapy: Statin report identifies patients whose prescriptions might require them to take a statin. Statins are an important part of the perfomance measures that affect significant portions of a pharmacy’s DIR fees.

Impact gives you the tools to reach out to patients, or directly to a patient’s physician, to recommend a statin prescription.

Gap Therapy ACE/ARB

The Gap Therapy: ACE/ARB Report is a great tool for helping your diabetic and hypertensive patients.

ACE/ARB adherence is an important measure of your clinical commitment. This report makes it easy to ensure the health and wellbeing of all your valued patients.

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Amplicare Platform Features

Manage DIR Fees

The DIR fee impacting opportunities allow you to better manage your reimbursements.

Prioritize interventions

Learn what is the most urgent intervention and act on it.

Consult your patients

Get all patient interventions directly in-workflow so that you don’t miss any.

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