Amplicare Connect

Automated, customizable phone campaigns to drive Rx growth and improve patient satisfaction.

Amplicare Connect allows pharmacies to set up and run automated phone call and text campaigns, keeping patients on top of their refills, and increasing Rx revenue with improved patient retention.

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Amplicare Connect

How does Amplicare Connect work?

Amplicare Connect automated phone and text campaigns to increase patient retention.
Amplicare Automated Campaigns

Automated Campaigns

Campaigns that call your patients without you lifting a finger

Clinical Refill Reminders

The Clinical Refill Reminders campaign will automatically schedule calls to your patients scheduled for refills at least 2 days past due and less than 15 days past due, using a message that you record in your own voice.

Keeping your patients on top of their refills keeps them close, healthy and adherent.

Happy Birthday

The Happy Birthday campaign will automatically schedule calls to your patients on their birthday, using a message that you record in your own voice.

Patients absolutely love this personal touch and thoughtfulness on their special day, especially elderly patients who may not have very many people wishing them a happy birthday.

First Fill

The First Fill campaign will automatically schedule calls to brand new patients after they fill for the very first time, using a message that you record in your own voice. Give them a warm "welcome and thank you", which will ensure they keep coming back for more!

Slipping Away

The Slipping Away campaign will automatically schedule calls to patients that have filled a maintenance medication within 5 months, but haven't filled anything within 4 months, using a message that you record in your own voice.

That 30 day window is the interval of time when a patient that is on the verge of slipping away... a nice call in the voice of their pharmacist will prevent them from being lost forever!

Custom Campaigns

Segmenting your patients allows for personalized, better-targeted messages and campaigns.

By leveraging Connect’s advanced filtering options, you can target the exact audience you need for a message or promotion.

Amplicare Connect - Custom Campaigns

Text Messaging

With Amplicare Connect, you can send SMS Text Messages to your patients. Messages can be fully automated and can be sent at a frequency you choose.

Just like the automated or custom phone call campaigns, you can set up text campaigns for refill reminders, first fills, and so on, as well as one-time custom campaigns to a specific, targeted audience.

Amplicare Connect - Text Messaging

Free online webinars

Interactive webinars demonstrate how Amplicare’s tools and solutions help pharmacies like yours automate workflows and enhance opportunities.

Amplicare Platform Features


Fully streamlined pharmacy workflow

Everything you need to simplify your pharmacy operations.


Information when you need it most

Act on your patient opportunities at the right time.


A new level of patient care

Stay closer to your patients with personalized care.


Seamless pharmacy system integration

Amplicare integrates with your existing pharmacy software, making it simple to start using.

Begin your automated phone campaign in under 24 hours