Amplicare Assist

Amplicare Assist is the latest innovation in workflow automation.

Amplicare Assist integrates with your pharmacy system so that you don’t need to check countless dashboards to see the opportunities and impact of each patient on your pharmacy. A notification will automatically pop up with the specific action needed to engage with that particular patient.

Pharmacy systems such as Rx30, ComputerRx, QS/1 and PioneerRx work with Amplicare Assist.

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Key Benefits

  • Less time on dashboards, more time on patients

    Amplicare Assist comes with a login plug-in so that you and your staff save time seeing which patients are impacting your pharmacy.

    Instead of needing to keep a tab open for Amplicare and checking each patient who comes into your pharmacy, Amplicare Assist does the work for you.

    Amplicare Connect with Amplicare Assist
  • Better ROI management

    Time is of the essence. An opportunity to upsell your patient OTC supplements, ensure their adherence or even consult them on their Part D plan options are only as valuable as the time it takes you to get to them.

    Amplicare Assist delivers you ROI by proactively showing you opportunities directly in your workflow to save you time. As you are consulting a specific patient, a pop-up appears with an opportunity related to that patient. All you have to do is click and address that opportunity. What better way to improve patient care without missing any opportunities?

    Amplicare Connect with Amplicare Assist
  • Cross platform opportunities

    As Amplicare offers more opportunity types for your pharmacy, Amplicare Assist manages all of them, so you don’t have to worry. Amplicare Assist brings Amplicare Restore, Amplicare Impact, Amplicare Connect and Amplicare Match (formerly iMedicare) opportunities directly in your workflow. You can now care for patients with multiple needs effortlessly.

    Amplicare Connect with Amplicare Assist
  • Perfect workflow streamlining

    By not having to check various dashboards to identify different patient needs, you can focus your time on consulting them and doing what you love most - being your patient’s healthcare trusted advisor.

    Enabling notifications on your pharmacy computers helps get the entire team involved. Whether you're looking to get a new hire interested in using the software or are hoping to motivate the late-adopters, Amplicare Assist notifications keep the whole team engaged!

    Amplicare Connect with Amplicare Assist

Support to gain more business

Amplicare Assist is at the core of all Amplicare solutions. After all, data and workflow management are only as useful as they are easy to use. When used together with Amplicare Connect, Amplicare Restore, Amplicare Impact and Amplicare Match (formerly iMedicare), Amplicare Assist frees up your time to consult with your patients and demonstrate your value to them, keeping them coming back to you.

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