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Medicare Open
Enrollment 2019

Amplicare helps pharmacies all over the country provide their patients with world class care all-year-round.

Learn how to make this year’s open enrollment period easier and more profitable than ever.

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Make open enrollment a walk-in-the-park with
Amplicare Match
(formerly iMedicare)

Arm your patients with the #1 Medicare Part-D plan comparison tool for pharmacies.

  • 5000+

    using Amplicare Match (formerly iMedicare)

  • $373 Million

    Total Increase in Revenue

  • $69 Million

    Estimated Net Gain

  • Over 1 million

    Patients helped through Amplicare Match (formerly iMedicare)

Your patients won’t be
hit with unexpected costs, neither will you.

Thousands of pharmacies use
Amplicare every day

“Thanks to iMedicare, I was able to assist many patients [to] enroll in the proper Medicare-D plan tailored to their medication. This program was a huge success at my pharmacy.”
Allen Cassidy, Owner Cassidy’s Pharmacy, Jennings, LA
“We saved a lady $4,500 after she signed up with another Med D Plan from an insurance specialist. The agent used a wrong drug which inflated her cost by $4,500. Using iMedicare, we quickly imported her correct drugs and found a better plan which saved her a lot of headaches and $4,500!”
Brian Caswell, Owner Wolkar Drug, Baxter Springs, KS
“I love it. It has saved me hours. Just the speed alone is worth the investment. The website is so slow but iMedicare is amazingly fast which saves a pharmacist much time spent waiting for responses over the internet. Well Done.”
Jesse Pike, Owner Pike’s Pharmacy, Charlotte, NC
“It’s a very good product. We like it for two reasons: (1). It is much easier for customers than the government website. (2). iMedicare is making insurance companies more competitive because when they know you can compare them with their competitors in less than 5 minutes, showing the doughnut hole and everything, it will force insurance companies to be more competitive.”
Amina Abubakar, Owner RxClinic Pharmacy, Charlotte, NC

Frequently asked questions

Amplicare integrates with every pharmacy system, and pulls all patient information. A plan comparison for an existing patient can be as fast as 1 minute.
Internal studies based on Amplicare customers and industry averages show that by using Amplicare Match (formerly iMedicare) to perform plan comparisons, a pharmacy can see a net increase in revenues of up to $70k a year.
Yes. A DIR fee estimate is displayed in the medicare section.
Every plan has different performance measures. Amplicare prompts you with patients that could benefit from an intervention that could influence your performance measures.

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Every year, new rules and regulations make the pharmacy business harder to navigate. Our articles and webinars touch on all the issues that are important to you. Coupled with our revenue-driving workflow solutions, you’ll have the tools at your disposal to increase profits and reduce operating costs year-over-year.

Amplicare’s entire productivity
suite was built to help you.

  • Amplicare Assist

    Assist integrates seamlessly with your existing pharmacy software, prompting you — in-workflow — to act on the most valued interventions at the right time, at the right place.

  • Amplicare Match
    (formerly iMedicare)

    Thousands of pharmacists already trust the leading Plan D comparison software to help their patients choose the right Medicare plan for their needs. Increase patient retention and reimbursements throughout the year.

  • Amplicare Impact

    Lower your DIR fees with gap-therapy and adherence detection that proactively notifies you before your business feels the effects.

  • Amplicare Connect

    Customizable, automated phone campaigns keep your patients engaged and up-to-date on their prescription refills. Increase your Rx count and revenues, and keep your patients healthy.

  • Amplicare Restore

    Diversify your pharmacy revenue, and help your patients avoid prescription-induced nutrient depletion.
    Reduce DIR fees by pre-empting patient adherence issues.

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