Amplicare Impact

Identify action-oriented opportunities to interact with patients who are impacting your pharmacy’s performance measures.

Keep your Star Rating high and your DIR fees low with Amplicare Impact.

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Key Benefits

  • Prioritize your time

    Using data analytics and machine learning technology, Amplicare detects adherence percentages, performance measures and DIR impact estimates. With this information, you are able to identify the patients who have significant influence on your Star Ratings.

    By knowing who to focus on, you can better prioritize your time to consult with patients.

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  • Increase ROI

    Amplicare Impact identifies patient opportunities that impact your DIR fees the most, so you can focus on those first and have time to provide high value clinical advisory to your patients.

    iMedicare generates awesome letters for physicians regarding Star Ratings!
    Tom Kelly, Owner Medicine To Go Pharmacy, Forked River, NJ
  • Receive reliable opportunities

    A patient in need of a Statin or ACE/I-ARB is identified and presented to you as an opportunity to improve their health outcomes and your Star Rating.

    Certain pharmacy systems are integrated with Amplicare Assist, an add-on that prompts all opportunities directly in your daily workflow. Save time from visiting dashboards to retrieve opportunities!

    Check here if your pharmacy system is integrated with Amplicare Assist.

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Amplicare Impact with Amplicare Assist

Amplicare Assist

You can take even more advantage of Amplicare Impact if your pharmacy system is Rx30, ComputerRx or QS/1, with Amplicare Assist. This add-on brings all opportunities directly into your daily workflow. No more dashboards, no more extra logins!

Amplicare Impact with Amplicare Assist

Marketing support to gain more business

In addition to the application, you will gain access to marketing materials and tips on marketing strategies to communicate with your local community. Let them know that when it comes to patient care, you are their best resource!

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