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August 23: U.S. Pharmacies Are Continuing to Satisfy Customer Needs

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The Story

U.S. pharmacies, both brick-and-mortar and mail order, have continued to provide high levels of customer satisfaction, according to the 2019 JD Power U.S. Pharmacy Study. The study found that while the use of digital solutions is low, customers who do adopt them show increased levels of satisfaction.
The results of the study were based on 12,059 pharmacy customers who filled a prescription during the three months before the survey period May – June 2019. 

Why It Matters

The researchers found that face-to-face interactions are the most prevalent form of communication, with 89% of customers speaking with pharmacists and staff in-person. However, customers that use email or online chats are equally or more satisfied. Thorough pharmacist discussions also received higher levels of customer satisfaction as conversations covering four or more topics with the customer scored higher than those discussing one or two topics. 

Data from the survey also found that health and wellness customers spend more at the pharmacy, spending 12.5% more on their most recent prescription order. However, less health and wellness customers received a prescription because of their usage of these services in 2019 when compared to 2018. Mobile app usage remained stagnant as only 20% of customers used a pharmacy’s mobile app, but these customers had higher satisfaction scores than those who were not on the app. 

The results of the study suggest that while e-commerce threatens to disrupt the U.S. pharmacy industry, technology companies may have a harder time satisfying Americans’ pharmacy needs than we thought. 

More Healthcare News to Watch

  1. Partners Pharmacy has launched Advanced Pharmacy Solutions, a new remotely automated dispensing technology. McKnight’s.
  2. On Tuesday, Teva Pharmaceuticals made its generic version of EpiPen available for young children in most retail pharmacies. Reuters.
  3. Pfizer is planning to invest $500 million in a gene therapy manufacturing facility in North Carolina. Bloomberg.
  4. Drug companies are increasing brand-name drug prices at a slower pace. AP News. 
  5. The opioid epidemic is contributing to increased pharmacy break-ins and a need for tighter security at these pharmacies. Patch.

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