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September 6: New Walmart Health Clinic Provides Customers with Primary Care Services

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The Story

Walmart is making moves to expand medical and mental health care for its customers with a new health clinic called Walmart Health, in Georgia. The new clinic will be offering hearing tests, one hour counseling sessions, and vision tests. While Walmart has previously offered clinics within existing retail stores called Care Clinics in Texas, South Carolina, and Georgia, Walmart Health will be the first stand-alone health clinic. The clinic is set to start its services on September 13. 

Why It Matters

The opening of Walmart Health is an important step in the company’s commitment to providing greater access to medical care and lower costs for patients. A Walmart spokesperson told CNBC, “The new Walmart Health center in our Dallas, Georgia, store will provide low, transparent pricing for key health services for local customers.” Appointments can cost from $59 to $99 and the clinic accepts many large health insurance plans. 

As one of the largest pharmacy chains in the U.S. with nearly 4,700 locations across the U.S., Walmart has a large customer base of about 140 million people per week. It has the opportunity now to offer services to customers all over the U.S. and particularly those in rural areas with less access to health-care services. 

Walmart seems to be following its competitors’ footsteps as CVS launched its HealthHubs, offering healthcare services in its retail stores earlier this year. By engaging in primary care services, Walmart is now in competition with not only large health systems, but also newer players in the market. It has yet to be seen whether this move will lead to more clinics and further expansion of health services for Walmart going forward.    

More News to Know

  1. Digital health platform Myia Health is partnering with telehealth company Mercy Virtual to provide technology that allows doctors to monitor patients with chronic illnesses. CNBC.
  2. PharmacyChecker filed an antitrust lawsuit against rival pharmacy groups, accusing them of restraining competition. Electronic Frontier Foundation.
  3. The U.S. FDA will be expanding its investigations of generic drugs for impurities in addition to angiotensin II receptor blockers. Reuters.
  4. On Wednesday, Pinterest announced that it will only display information from health organizations when people search about vaccines in efforts to combat misinformation. AP News.
  5. The FDA is facing lawsuits from anti-smoking groups for its slow pace of progress in implementing changes. AP News.

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