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October 11: CDC Finds Low Vaccination Rates for Pregnant Women

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The Story

Only one in three soon-to-be mothers receive both flu and Tdap vaccinations. This is according to a new Vital Signs report by the CDC. The report found that only 54% of pregnant women reported receiving a flu vaccination before or during pregnancy while 55% of women reported getting Tdap vaccinations. Both vaccinations are recommended during pregnancy. 

Why it Matters

The CDC recommends all pregnant women receive a flu vaccination during any trimester and the Tdap vaccine during the early part of the third trimester. This reduces the risk of flu and whooping cough for infants as vaccinated mothers pass on their antibodies to the fetus, providing protection even after birth when babies are too young to be vaccinated. In addition to being beneficial for babies, the vaccines also help mothers who have double the risk of hospitalization if they get influenza compared to nonpregnant women of childbearing age.

According to the report, women who were offered or referred vaccinations by their healthcare providers had the highest vaccination rates, emphasizing the important role healthcare providers play. This role is further reinforced by the growing number of states, such as New York, allowing pharmacists to administer vaccines to children in an effort to increase community access. Plus, with flu season upon us, the need for pharmacists to provide vaccines and educate patients in their communities grows. 

More Healthcare News to Watch:

  1. Pharmacists in California will now be able to dispense HIV prevention pills to patients without a script. Capital Public Radio.
  2. A research study by Humana revealed that $265 billion is wasted on healthcare each year in the U.S. CNBC.
  3. On Friday, Johnson & Johnson announced that it is committing $500 million over four years to help end HIV and Tuberculosis. MarketWatch.
  4. Americans spend twice as much on healthcare today as they did in the 1980s. CNBC.
  5. The Trump administration plans to put changes to the ACA on hold if it loses in court. Washington Post.

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