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Amplicare Spotlight: Chris Cornelison on Med Sync

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Chris Cornelison, PharmD and Owner, Iuka Discount Drugs, Iuka, MS

Q. When did your pharmacy start incorporating Med Sync and what prompted that decision?

A. We started Med Sync about a decade ago. It made a lot of sense to offer this new service to our customers. We have always tried to be on the cutting edge of the pharmacy industry. We saw the advantages for both the pharmacy and the patient. We continue to improve our program as new technology advances come along. We have gone from keeping up with patients on paper to running the program on PioneerRx and earlier this year we installed a compliance packaging machine, which we call the OnePac program.

Utilizing technology like this along with Amplicare Assist’s features makes sure that our patients stay compliant while also keeping the pharmacy efficient and profitable.  

Q. What percentage of your patients are enrolled in Med Sync now?

A. We have over 550 patients enrolled and we fill over 51% of our prescriptions in the sync program. We have also added 125 patients to our OnePac.

Q. What was the biggest challenge for your pharmacy to move the needle on Med Sync enrollments?

A. Patients who need their medications synced usually have compliance issues, so before we had compliance packaging we didn’t have a great solution to offer those patients who struggled with taking their medications correctly.  

Q. What’s your process for identifying patients that should be enrolled in Med Sync? – How do you reach out to those patients? What are some best practices for consulting with patients about Med Sync?

A. Amplicare Assist notifies us as we’re filling prescriptions if a patient has low adherence with their hypertension, cholesterol, or diabetes medication. We print the Med Sync enroll form for those patients and keep it with their prescriptions to remind us that they potentially need a consultation when they stop by to pick up. Normally we’ll consult any patient who is taking three or more medications. We usually have our customer service talk to the patient about the benefits and educate them on the process. We give them an informational sheet for them to look over if they don’t want to sign up during the conversation. If they have additional questions, we involve the pharmacist in the consultation. Each week we’ll check our Amplicare Assist notification history to see what DIR impact adherence opportunities we missed, and address those retroactively by scheduling batch calls to the appropriate patients.

Q. What Med Sync software do you use and how does it work?

A. We use PioneerRx pharmacy software and we have the Parata Pass for our Adherence Packaging. When running our sync program we also utilize Amplicare Assist to help identify the patients who have low adherence and aren’t enrolled in Med Sync yet.

Q. How do you get your staff motivated and involved in the process?

A. Our staff loves the sync program because it helps keep our workflow under control. Being able to fill over 50% of our prescriptions when it is convenient for us make everything easier for us.

We also will play games to boost enrollment. We will have a monthly goal of adding patients to the program. If we hit the goal as a team, we receive a monetary reward or pizza party.  

Q. Has Med Sync improved your overall patient adherence?

A. Absolutely! Having a professional to help manage a patient’s medication keeps adherence issues to a minimum.

Q. What other common factors have you found contribute to low adherence? How does your pharmacy address those factors?

A. Our biggest compliance issue is side effects. We utilize Amplicare’s Restore program to help catch drug nutrient depletion opportunities. We carry Solutions Rx product line, which has drug nutrient depletion multivitamins, and this really makes it easy to offer patients a way to put back the nutrients that their medications may be taking out.  

Q. Any other recommendations or advice?

A. If you don’t have a sync program, you definitely need to add it. This is a service that you can provide to help raise the level of healthcare you are providing to your patients. Let the doctor’s offices around you know that this is a program you offer patients to help with adherence. Doctors will send you customers if they have patients who are struggling with adherence.  

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