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Amplicare Introduces New Doctor Lookup Feature

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The Medicare Open Enrollment period, which runs from October 15 to December 7, is fast approaching. This year, we’re excited to announce a new feature designed to improve the ease with which pharmacists compare Medicare Advantage plans on our platform. 

With “Doctor Lookup,” available with Amplicare Match, pharmacists can now confirm whether a patient’s doctors are in-network for a specific Medicare Advantage plan before a patient enrolls. There’s also the option to add or remove specific locations for doctors who have multiple offices. Doctor network information is pulled directly from the national doctor database, which is regularly updated. (Note: It is still advisable that patients confirm network status directly with their doctors). This feature is particularly useful considering the growing popularity of Medicare Advantage plans, which have limited doctor networks. This year, 34% of all Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans, and according to the Congressional Budget office, this number is expected to rise to 47% by 2029. 

Doctor Lookup will also be available on our CMS-approved Patient Portal, through which pharmacies can help a larger number of patients during the busy Medicare Open Enrollment period. Pharmacies provide patients with access to the portal, which has their maintenance medications pre-populated and provides all the information they need to consider their options at their own place, from medications to available plans to estimated copays. This frees up time for pharmacists to consult with more patients on site and enables patients to carefully consider their options and be confident in their decisions.

In addition to Doctor Lookup, Amplicare Match includes other features that help during Open Enrollment, including our flagship plan comparison service with DIR information for each plan, a formulary lookup tool, and an Open Enrollment report to prioritize and engage the right patients. 

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