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Pharmacies all over the country use
Amplicare every day. Here’s how it started.

Medicare Part D is confusing, for patients and providers. With first-hand experience on both sides of the counter, we were frustrated.

In 2012, we built Amplicare Match (formerly iMedicare) — a Part D plan comparison tool that aimed to “remove the nonsense” around prescription drug coverage. Now we help thousands of pharmacies (and their patients) save time and money.

But pharmacies deal with a lot of nonsense outside plan comparisons, and so do patients. At a time of massive healthcare consolidation and heated partisan debate, patients and community providers are suffering the most — losing money, and getting tangled in bureaucratic hurdles. The same frustrations that inspired Amplicare Match (formerly iMedicare) are pushing us to keep going.

This is why we’re rebranding to Amplicare.

Don’t worry! Everything you love about Amplicare Match (formerly iMedicare) is still here. We’re still the same team, but dreaming bigger. All of healthcare should be more straightforward. Systems should provide an advantage for local community pharmacies and their patients. Less nonsense. More good.

At Amplicare, we work at the intersection of technology and healthcare. We use our energy and knowledge to keep breaking down the complex barriers in healthcare. Everyday we strive to make healthcare more open, transparent, and accessible to all.

As part of the Amplicare rebranding, we’ve codified the values that drive us. Integrity is the foundation and Innovation is the springboard that enables us to drive the values of Empowerment, Transparency, and Humanity.


We have all been patients at various points in our lives. We, our friends and family, and our communities are the beneficiaries of our own technology. We care deeply that patients are presented with relevant options to help them make better healthcare decisions for themselves.


Continuous improvement drives us. We are always open to new and better ways of doing things! We focus the purpose of our innovations to empower patients and healthcare providers with greater transparency of information in order to improve humanity.


We want to empower healthcare providers and patients alike to maximize their health and wellness so that they can enjoy fulfilled and productive lives.


Amplicare is dedicated to helping community healthcare providers and patients because we believe in the personal touch. With compassion and the right tools, every provider is able to make a huge impact on every patient they serve.


Amplicare is dedicated to untangling healthcare so healthcare providers succeed and patients live healthier, better lives.

We are committed to earning lasting trust from healthcare providers and patients through openness and integrity.

These values not only drive our product development, but also all of our decisions. If we expect these end-goals in healthcare, we must demand it of ourselves.

Our new branding identity reflects our commitment to these values. We’re excited to keep working with you! Together, let’s remove the nonsense from healthcare.

Matthew Johnson, PharmD, Co-Founder

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