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80% of Medicare patients are not on the best plan for their specific needs. Amplicare Match (formerly iMedicare) plan comparisons can save your patients over $500 every year.

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Amplified care, made easy

Amplicare’s easy-to-use, time-saving pharmacy tools highlight healthcare opportunities that positively impact you and your patients.

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Why Amplicare

Improve patient healthcare outcomes with technology that empowers you

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    Free up time to offer highly valued clinical advisory to patients that differentiates you.

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    No more dashboards! Spend less time logging into different platforms to look for opportunities. Amplicare Assist pushes opportunities to you, automatically.

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    Delivered seamlessly as Amplicare integrates with a variety of pharmacy software systems.

Amplicare Connect

The automated phone call campaign tool that brings patients back into your pharmacy and improves patient satisfaction.

Give a warm outreach to your patients by recording messages in your own voice.

Amplicare Connect

Amplicare Restore

Personalized nutrient recommendations for each of your patients based on their prescription drug induced nutrient depletion.

Be a proactive, caring advisor and keep your patients healthy.

Amplicare Restore
We’ve increased sales by $2,100 in 30 days by adding Amplicare Restore to our subscription
Dr. Hajek U-Save-IT Pharmacy

Amplicare Impact

Keep your performance measures high and your DIR fees low with Amplicare Impact.

Gap therapy opportunities improve your patients loyalty and health.

Proactively improve patient health with action-oriented opportunities.

Amplicare Impact
iMedicare [Amplicare Match] generates awesome letters for physicians regarding Star Ratings!
Tom Kelly, Owner Medicine To Go Pharmacy, Forked River, NJ

Amplicare Assist

Use only one dashboard for all your business opportunities.

Amplicare Assist connects to your pharmacy system to streamline all day by day activities. Now all of your patient related opportunities will appear directly in your workflow.

No more dashboards, credentials, and jumping from one platform to the other.

Amplicare Assist

Amplicare Match
(formerly iMedicare)

Amplicare Match (formerly iMedicare) is the fastest and most accurate plan comparison tool for your Medicare and Medicaid patients.

No more headaches and hours wasted. Patient retention has never been easier.

Amplicare Amplicare Match (formerly iMedicare)
The return on investment we get from iMedicare [Amplicare Match] is over 10 to 20 times what we spend on it every year.
Brian Freeman Cannon Pharmacy (6 stores), Kannapolis, NC

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It's a very good product. We like it for two reasons: (1). It is much easier for customers than the government website. (2). iMedicare [Amplicare Match] is making insurance companies more competitive because when they know you can compare them with their competitors in less than 5 minutes, showing the doughnut hole and everything, it will force insurance companies to be more competitive.

Amina Abubakar, Owner
RxClinic Pharmacy, Charlotte, NC

I want to say thank you for developing this Medicare App. When patients would come in and ask about a new part D plan it was always painful and daunting... I was always concerned about if this was going to be a win win for us. Today with the iMedicare [Amplicare Match] app I feel confident in my approach to help my patients. It is simple and patients enjoy the fact I have a tool to help them with their decisions. I see this building a relationship with my patients.

Scott Stanley, Owner
Stanley Pharmacy, Searcy, AR

We saved a lady $4,500 after she signed up with another Med D Plan from an insurance specialist. The agent used a wrong drug which inflated her cost by $4,500. Using iMedicare [Amplicare Match], we quickly imported her correct drugs and found a better plan which saved her a lot of headaches and $4,500!

Brian Caswell, Owner
Wolkar Drug, Baxter Springs, KS

I love it. It has saved me hours...Just the speed alone is worth the investment. The website is so slow but iMedicare [Amplicare Match] is amazingly fast which saves a pharmacist much time spent waiting for responses over the internet. Well Done.

Jesse Pike, Owner
Pike's Pharmacy, Charlotte, NC

It's the best Pharmacy software tool I've ever seen.

Donald Wentzel, Owner
CallUsFirstRPh, Monticello, KY

We have been helping our customers with a Medicare Part D selection for a couple years now. Before we would always have to print out all the information to present it to our customers, now with iMedicare [Amplicare Match] we are able to show them in multiple ways which plan might be best for them... With the new integration between QS/1 and iMedicare [Amplicare Match], our staff time on getting the customers the information they want will be cut in half. I am really looking forward to using iMedicare [Amplicare Match] this year and years to come.

Robert Nearhoof, Owner
Klein's Pharmacy, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

iMedicare [Amplicare Match] is the greatest thing ever. It works wonders for my patients and every pharmacy should use it.

Thomas Cory, Standard Pharmacy
President of the MIPA, Fall River, MA

iMedicare [Amplicare Match] is the best thing since Penicillin.

Andy Soileau, Pharmacist
Soileau Pharmacy, New Iberia, LA

We love it! It was so much faster and easier than the Medicare website! It saved us time and money!

Crystal McEntire, Owner
Hyland Pharmacy, Wheeler, TX

This is so good. I've seen this at trade shows for years... You've done quite a job with this.

Roger Renner, Owner
Roger's Pharmacy, Yankton, SD

The system is like an extra pair of eyes for all Independent Pharmacy owners! By monitoring and bringing to our attention missed opportunities, the system helps improve our bottom line. With PBMs making noises of excluding pharmacies that have low Star ratings, iMedicare [Amplicare Match] is a great tool, to ensure my pharmacy is not one of them! With new features that alert me about patients nearing retirement age, the system enables me to be pro-active in ensuring that they come to my pharmacy instead of going to the chains or mail order. I, also, like the fact that folks at iMedicare [Amplicare Match] are always looking to improve the system. Thank you iMedicare [Amplicare Match] for fighting in the independent's corner!

La Crescenta Pharmacy, La Crescenta, CA

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